7 Surprising Facts of RA Kartini, Turns out to be a Vegetarian!

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1NEWS, RA Kartini is known as one of the women’s emancipation fighters in Indonesia. This Japanese-born woman is not only a hero but also an activist who always tries to fight for women to get their rights, including freedom of opinion, law and education. No wonder that every April 21, the people of Indonesia always commemorate the birth of his figure.

Reporting from various sources, 1NEWS collects a number of important facts from the figure of RA Kartini.

1. Noble family

RA Kartini came from a Javanese noble family. His father was Raden Mas Adipati Ario Sosroningrat or a regent of Jepara. Meanwhile, his mother is MA Ngasirah or a daughter of Nyai Haji Siti Aminah and Kyai Haji Madirono or a religious teacher in Jepara. While RA Kartini is the 5th child of 11 siblings and stepsisters.

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2. Intelligent figure

The eldest of her siblings is known to really like learning. RA Kartini attended Europeesche Lagere School (ELS) until she was 12 years old. After the age of 12 he was secluded and only allowed to stay at home. Even so, because he was proficient in Dutch, he was able to read various Dutch literature. In addition, he also often writes letters to his correspondent friends from the Netherlands, one of whom is ROsa Abendanon.

3. Women’s emancipation

With the various knowledge she has gained, the figure of RA Kartini also strives to advance women. He was known to strongly oppose Javanese feudalism which he thought was very unfair and unreasonable. In addition, with the knowledge of his friends in the Netherlands, he also wanted Indonesian women to advance because at that time he saw that indigenous women had a low social status.

4. Establish a women’s school

RA Kartini’s struggles even got stronger after marrying Raden Adipati Djojo Adiningrat. Kartini’s struggle in advancing indigenous women continues to flow. In fact, the husband is also known to support the steps and ideals of RA Kartini. He also succeeded in establishing the Kartini school in 1912 in Semarang which was followed by a number of other schools in Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Madiun to Cirebon.

5. Vegetarian

One of the unique things that a number of historians have found is that RA Kartini is a vegetarian. This is evidenced by the contents of her correspondence with her best friend, Rosa Abendanon and her husband when she was 23 years old. In its contents, he stated that he abstained from eating meat and for several years had only eaten plants.

6. After darkness comes light

The figures who contributed to the various movements of RA Kartini were Rosa Abendanon and her husband Jacques Abendanon. The reason is, after Kartini died, Jacques collected various letters he received from RA Kartini and various friends. After that he also recorded the letters entitled Door Duisternis tot Licht which means From Darkness to Light which was first released in 1911 ago. After that in 1922 and 1938 the book was released in Malay and Indonesian.

7. Died at a young age

RA Kartini is known to have died at a very young age. He died on September 17, 1904 in Rembang, Central Java. He was still very young at that time, namely 25 years. The woman who was born on April 21, 1978, died exactly four days after giving birth to her child. However, her sudden death caused a lot of suspicion from her family and various other parties, because from the time she was pregnant to giving birth to RA Kartini, she was known to be always healthy.

In a number of books, such as Akrya Efatino Febriana and Sitisoemandari, it is stated that the death of the hero of the women’s emancipation had been planned by the Dutch. []


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