7 Ways to Appreciate Wife on Kartini Day, Mr. Husband Must Know!

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How to appreciate wife

In commemorating Kartini Day, there are many things that can be done. Besides soaking up the values ​​that Raden Ajeng Kartini championed, this moment can also be a place to give appreciation to his beloved wives. If you as a husband are confused about how to appreciate your wife, we provide the following simple tips. Launching various sources, let’s have a look, Yah!

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1. Write greeting cards and letters to wife

To give appreciation to his wife, father can write a letter containing expressions of affection and gratitude for being a good wife and partner. Husbands can tuck the letter in a bouquet of flowers prepared in secret, or can tuck it in the bag used by the wife.

If you don’t like long letter phrases, maybe you can try expressing them in small notes or greeting cards. Stick it on the bathroom mirror, kitchen refrigerator, or other places that your wife usually goes to. Although simple, this expression of affection can give him happiness, lo.

2. Give your wife a break from routine

If husbands can spare some time during the day, give their wives a short break. Take over the daily routine that you might be able to do, such as taking care of the children, cleaning the house, or cooking for your beloved wife.

In addition, Father can also invite Mother to take staycation together. A short break from the routine may give him a new freshness and enthusiasm.

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3. Invite dinner together

How to appreciate wife

If Dad can cook, make a special dinner at home with a menu that his wife likes. If you can’t, schedule a special dinner with your wife, maybe do fine dining at a famous hotel or restaurant.

However, if you don’t want something fancy, enjoying some time together at your favorite cafe or restaurant might be an option. Enjoy the moment together by talking to each other from heart to heart. Express feelings of affection and gratitude to your wife at this moment.

4. Praise the wife in front of the children

Sometimes, giving appreciation to your wife can start with things that are quite trivial. However, these trivial things may be able to please the wife.

Husbands can start by praising their wives in front of their children. Compliment her beauty, her manners, her taste in cooking, the way she dresses, and so on.

In addition to pleasing the wife, this habit can set a good example for the little one. Children will be able to learn to respect their mother and others. They can also learn about compassion for other family members.

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5. Don’t hesitate to express your affection on social media

How to appreciate wife

Dad, don’t hesitate to express your love for your wife on social media. However, if you are not an active social media user, you might be able to do this by expressing affection in front of other people as often as possible, such as in front of colleagues, extended family, and other circles.

You can start by saying thank you for what your wife has done. For example, when the wife prepares provisions for lunch, on Kartini Day, the husband can start by taking a picture and writing an expression of gratitude to his wife on social media.

6. Give gifts

In addition, the easiest way to appreciate your wife is to give her a gift. Dad may be able to give gifts in the form of things that his wife likes, such as jewelry, watches, or other things. If your wife likes books or movies, you might consider giving her a book by a favorite author or a DVD of her favorite genre of movies.

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7. Offer more help than your wife needs

How to appreciate wife

A relationship will be successful with take and give. Husband and wife must be balanced in giving and receiving, one party cannot act as the only giver or receiver.

Therefore, how to appreciate the wife can also be done by offering give to the wife more than is sometimes necessary. However, keep in mind that the husband must do it selflessly, never expect the wife to do more for the husband. Remember, this appreciation is given because of Kartini Day, the day of Indonesian women’s emancipation.

Those are some ways to appreciate the wife that husbands can do to commemorate Kartini Day. Giving appreciation is very important in relationships because it can be a manifestation that your partner feels valued, you know. Hope this is useful, OK!

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