Allegedly the Cause of the Beating Case, Chandrika Chika Potentially a Suspect

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Chandrika Chika (Special)

1NEWS – Celebrity and TikTok player Chandrika Chika was summoned by South Jakarta Metro Police investigators to be investigated regarding the beating case involving Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino. Chika is scheduled to undergo an examination on Wednesday (21/4) afternoon.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the South Jakarta Metro Police, AKBP Ridwan Soplanit, said that the former lover of Tariq Halilintar was being questioned as a witness. However, it is possible for Chika to become a suspect because it is suspected to be the cause of the violence.

“We will see if he (Chandrika Chika) is part of the problem, so we will follow up,” said Ridwan Soplanit to reporters at the South Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters, Wednesday (20/4).

Chandrika Chika was called by the police in connection with the beating case involving Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino. (Instagram)

The police also confirmed Chika’s presence at the crime scene during the beating. Ridwan Soplanit revealed that Vhandrika Chika had moved from the victim’s table to the table of Rico Valentino and Putra Siregar.

“So the initial information was that Chika was at the TKP and had moved from between the reported and the reporting desks,” explained Ridwan Soplanit.

Unfortunately, Ridwan did not want to reveal the chronology of the beating of a young man named Nur Alamsyah. The police will report it after Chika is examined.

“Yes, the victim said that Chika was there. If Chika’s statement has been submitted, then we will determine whether we need to deepen the chronology again or what later the money will come from Chika’s statement. We will check it later,” said Ridwan Soplanit.

Until now, Chandrika Chika herself has not spoken about her involvement. He also has not confirmed whether he is willing to come to the South Jakarta Metro Police for inspection.


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