Alvin Faiz Clarifies About Returning Yusuf to the Side of the Road, Says He Doesn’t Want His Son To Be Abandoned

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Alvin Yusuf

The slanted issue of the relationship between Alvin Faiz and Larissa Chou after the two decided to divorce often arises. This time, Alvin Faiz was ridiculed because he dropped his son, Yusuf, on the side of the road. Alvin also did not take Yusuf directly to his mother, Larissa Chou, but only through baby sitter.

Responding to the slanted news circulating, Henny Rahman’s husband also gave a long clarification. It is known, Alvin Faiz canceled spending time with Yusuf because his grandmother died last Tuesday (19/4). He and his family were going to a funeral home in Aceh so they hurriedly sent Yusuf home.

Alvin apologizes to Yusuf for not spending time together

Alvin apologizes to Yusuf for not spending time with | Credit: @alvin_411 via Instagram

Alvin Faiz’s plan to spend three days with his son was not realized because of the sad news from his grandmother. He also uploaded a photo of himself with Yusuf while apologizing because his plan was canceled.

He’s handsome, Abi, we have a plan to play for the next 3 days, but God says otherwise, Abi now says goodbye to Aceh, son, “ wrote Alvin on Instagram Story, Wednesday (20/4).

But unfortunately, Alvin’s way of bringing Yusuf back made netizens angry. The reason is, Yusuf was dropped off by the side of the road and had to be delivered baby sitter in a hurry. Knowing the bad news, Henny Rahman’s husband became furious. He considers people to have no empathy and easily jump to conclusions without knowing what actually happened.

Alvin Faiz’s way of bringing Yusuf back is in the spotlight

Yusuf was sent down by the side of the road

Yusuf was dropped off by the side of the road | Credit: @apriliaawiidyaa via Instagram

In a video uploaded by Larissa’s relative, Yusuf is seen with a baby sitter was on the side of the road running. In the Instagram Story upload, it was written that Larissa’s relatives were disappointed to see Yusuf being sent home in a way that was considered unethical.

“Even if last night Yusuf had to be sent back to his mother, it could be with a good message. Don’t go through the assistant and be expressed in this way,” wrote @apriliaawiidyaa on Instagram Story, Wednesday (20/4).

Larissa’s relative then mentioned Henny Rahman, who only unloaded the goods without any explanation. Knowing they were in a state of grief, they understood that Yusuf was sent home because Alvin’s family had to go to Aceh.

However, it was the way he sent Yusuf home without any previous dialogue that was in the spotlight. Larissa’s party was worried because young Yusuf was sent home late at night on the roadside. The incident was then shared on various gossip accounts to the point of being criticized by netizens. Warganet considers what Alvin Faiz has done cannot be justified.

Alvin Faiz clarified what really happened that night

Alvin Faiz Clarification

Alvin Faiz Clarification | Credit: @alvin_411 via Instagram

Seeing the hectic news about this incident, Alvin then uploaded a long clarification on his personal Instagram. He said he had planned to spend three days with Yusuf. But suddenly, Alvin got the news that his grandmother died. This forced Alvin and his family to go to Sentul, Bogor.

According to Alvin, the reason for sending Yusuf home was so that he would not be abandoned at home, while he had to take care of his grandmother’s body.

“If I don’t send him home first, Yusuf is stranded at home and no one takes care of him because I will be busy until the evening,” wrote Alvin Faiz in his Instagram upload @alvin_411, Wednesday (20/4).

Responding to Yusuf’s reason on the side of the road, Alvin said it happened because his wife had to go to the funeral home immediately.

“Why did my wife leave immediately? Because I asked my wife to hurry to the funeral home because my grandmother wanted to be covered with a shroud,” he continued.

At the end of his clarification, Alvin admitted that he was sad because his time with his son had to be canceled. He also hopes that problems like this will no longer need to be raised on social media because they are considered impolite.


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