Become an Expert Witness of Illegal Access Violation, Roy Suryo: Not Wrong

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1NEWS – KRMT Telematics expert Roy Suryo Notodiprojo became an expert witness at the trial of the criminal offense of illegal access at the Biak District Court, Papua, with the defendant Felix JV.

The trial of the electronic transaction violation case with the agenda of listening to the testimony of expert witness, telematics expert Roy Suryo, was presented by the defendant’s attorney, Yulianto.

“The case of illegal access to the WhatsApp application (WA, ed) by the defendant did not violate the rules, because the person concerned has the right to use the computer facilities of the company where he works,” said Roy, Wednesday (20/4).

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Roy explained, the defendant accidentally received a notification notification in WA on behalf of the complainant/victim because it is a company work item that is used every day.

“The results of a number of conversations contained in WA were reported to the leadership. Yes, this does not violate their duties as an employee who was given the task of using the company’s computer,” he explained.

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He added that the report submitted by the defendant was not disseminated to the public, but was submitted to the leadership in the work environment concerned.

“The defendant made all the reports on the results of the WA application conversations because there were notifications based on the work of employees who were given the task of using company computers,” said Roy.

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Meanwhile, the attorney for the defendant Yulianto said that in the theory of criminal law, the principle of no crime without fault is known (geen straf zonder schuld).


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