Captured in an intimate embrace, Puput’s affectionate call to Vicky Prasetyo is exposed, are they secretly targeting each other? Netter: Long lasting, Auntie

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1NEWS, Bogor —

The closeness of Puput and Vicky Prasetyo is now being discussed by many people. Both of them were caught in the middle of posing intimately, Kalina Oktarani’s ex-husband seemed to be embracing Puput’s shoulders. The moment of togetherness was shared by Puput in his personal Instagram account on Tuesday, (19/4/2022).

Not only that, recently it was revealed that Puput’s affectionate call to Vicky Prasetyo caused a stir in the social media world. They both have the status of widowers and widows, especially those who are fond of divorced marriages, it’s no wonder that many support their relationship and even pray that they can get married and go up the aisle.

It was previously known that Vicky Prasetyo had officially divorced at the end of January, while Puput had just officially divorced from Doddy Soedrajat on April 11, 2022. The closeness of the two that seemed suddenly gave rise to rumors that the two were indeed eyeing each other, especially Puput had only been divorced a few days ago.

Puput and Vicky’s special relationship is getting louder because of uploads on social media, Vanessa Angel’s former stepmother was caught recording Vicky’s behavior secretly and uploading it to her personal Tiktok account

The allegation of a special relationship with Vicky Prasetyo is getting stronger because Puput was also caught giving birthday wishes to the man who was nicknamed the gladiator as a form of his attention with the special affectionate nickname ‘Mas’.


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