Chandrika Chika Hits Blasphemy Judged Too Late When Playing Pistol With Rafathar: Just Fire It

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Chandrika Chika's moment playing with Rafathar (instagram/@lambegosiip)

Rafathar looks in pain after playing a gunfight with Chandrika Chika.

Ade Wismoyo

Thursday, April 21, 2022 | 08:22 WIB

1NEWS – The figure of Chandrika Chika is currently being discussed by netizens due to being involved in the case of beatings accused of Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino. He will also be questioned by the police because he is suspected of being the cause of the commotion that occurred at that time.

Considering that his name is in the spotlight, Chadrika Chika’s digital footprints are popping up everywhere. A video that made Chandrika Chika blasphemed also went viral. In the video, it appears that he is playing with Rafathar, but some netizens consider him too late.

The reason is, in the video clip uploaded by the Instagram account @lambegosiip, Chandrika Chika is seen shooting Rafathar with a toy bullet until Raffi Ahmad’s eldest son looks a little in pain.

Chandrika Chika’s moment playing with Rafathar (instagram/@lambegosiip)

“I feel so sorry for Aa, she seems to be in pain, that’s why she immediately hit Uncle Merry, does Chika have no shame in thinking it’s her sister?” the caption in the video says.

In the video, Chandrika Chika shoots a bullet into Rafathar’s thigh so that he looks a little in pain from rubbing his thigh which has just been hit by a bullet.

“What am I wearing, thighs?” said Chandrika Chika, laughing.

Seeing the video, netizens then blasphemed Chandrika Chika. They judged his attitude to be too late.

“Rafathar’s expression is like holding back pain,” wrote the @lambegosiip account.

“Nerf bullets when shot at such a distance hurt, the experience has been hit when my son played,” wrote one netizen, “I can’t sit still and accept my online niece digitizing it… just fire it for a long time,” said another netizen, “Why don’t you just get fired from RANS, you’re really big,” said another.


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