Commemorating Kartini Day, Yoriko Angeline Says Indonesian Women Are Getting Greater – Latest Celeb News

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Artist Yoriko Angeline admitted that she really respects the figure of Raden Ajeng Kartini. RA Kartini for Yoriko Angeline plays a very important role as a fighter for education and elevates the dignity of women.

“My opinion is that present-day Kartini, I feel that Indonesian women are getting better and more here,” said Yoriko Angeline when met in the Kemang area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (20/4).

“It shows that they are strong and can be a figure that many people can see in a positive way. As a woman, I am very proud to see that many Indonesian women are progressing,” added Yoriko Angeline.

Yoriko Angeline even applies the figure of RA Kartini in her life, namely being an independent woman.

“I saw him as an independent person, I was inspired like that. I really want to be an independent woman who doesn’t bother other people. Thank God I’m in the process of being independent. So I see from Kartini, she can be independent, why can’t I,” he said.

For this reason, Yoriko Angeline wants to get the highest possible education, even though she has to fly all the way to America to go to college.

“Of course. Oh because female Kartini must be smart. So that’s what I apply, that’s why I focus on my school. Why is it so far away to America, because you want or can be like Kartini,” he concluded.

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