Do not want to meet with Galih Ginanjar, King Faaz’s mother explains why her son refuses to meet: He is hurt!

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1NEWS, Brass —

Recently, there has been going viral on social media if King Faaz is fed up with Galih Ginanjar so that even King Faaz is reluctant to hear the name of his birth father.

“Faaz is now big, he can understand, and finally he said to me, ‘Don’t ever mention her name, Faaz doesn’t want to,’” explained Mrs. King Faaz, quoted from the Trans 7 Official YouTube channel, Wednesday (20/04/22). ).

What King Faaz did also received the support of many parties. This is because Galih Ginanjar is indeed known as a father who can be categorized as evil to his wife and children.

How could it not be, King Faaz, who was clearly his biological son, was doubted by Galih Ginanjar and asked for proof to do a DNA test if it was true that King Faaz was Galih’s son.

Apparently this is directly proportional to the reason King Faaz doesn’t want to hear about Galih Ginanjar anymore, according to Fairuz’s narrative, King Faaz felt hurt because of the absence of a father when he was abandoned by Galih Ginanjar.


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