Dor! Firecrackers Explode in the Hands of Bian, the Eldest Child of Ririe Fairus and Ayus Sabyan

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1NEWS – Former husband and wife, Ayus Sabyan and Ririe Fairus, recently celebrated the birthday of their youngest child, Sabian Ben Zidane or Ben. However, in the midst of their happiness, Ayus and Ririe’s first child, Sabian Ikni Sakhy or Bian, experiences a disaster.

Bian’s hand was burnt from being hit by a firecracker explosion. Near the thumb it looks black and blistered after being burned. The news was shared by Ririe Fairus through Insta Stories on his Instagram account. He uploaded a photo of his son’s palm, which was injured by a firecracker exploding in his hand.

“Well, this is the tragedy, Brother Bian plays with fireworks in his hand and explodes in his hand,” wrote Ririe Fairus by putting a crying emoji.

The next photo shows Bian crying. Ririe Fairus seemed to be treating Bian, while Ayus Sabyan hugged the baby who was crying in pain.

Ayus’ sister, Nova was also sad to see her nephew suffered burns.

“We never know when the disaster will come. We just had fun for Ben’s birthday, a few hours later Bang Bi……. Get well, dear,” wrote Nova.

Not long after, Riri Fairus showed Bian’s condition began to improve after being treated by his mother.

Ririe Fairus answered netizens’ questions about Bian’s condition.

“Masha Allah, many online have asked Bian’s brother. Thank God the burns have started to dry,” explained Ririe Fairus.


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