Effective Ways to Stop Hunger and Thirst While Fasting – Latest Celeb News

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1NEWS Feeling hungry is a natural thing for those who fast. But if you have trouble holding back hunger and thirst, you should deal with several things. That way your fasting can be successful and smooth until sunset. Launch page healthyQHere are some powerful tips for holding back hunger while fasting.

Consumption of foods that can withstand hunger while fasting

We recommend that you consume a variety of highly nutritious foods to get the energy and nutrients your body needs. Try to eat the following foods at iftar or sahur. On the other hand, if you eat carelessly at suhoor, feeling weak, until you are hungry during the day can haunt you.

Sufficient body fluids

Dehydration due to unmet fluid needs can cause muscle cramps, headaches, and worsen hunger. That’s why you need to meet fluid needs outside of fasting time. Try to consume two liters of fluids at regular intervals between iftar and suhoor. You can drink water, tea, or soup as a way to not be hungry while fasting.

Enough meal portions

Eat in sufficient portions at iftar and suhoor. By eating food in sufficient portions, nutritional needs can be met properly. Because, in addition to making you more hungry, eating less can also affect the function of organs and even hinder brain performance during fasting.

Sports at the right time

Choosing the right time to exercise can be a way to withstand hunger and thirst while fasting. Light exercise while fasting can make your body fit and keep your physical condition in top shape. Try to do light exercise, such as walking, cycling, or jogging, about an hour before iftar or a few hours after iftar.

Do something else

Try to divert your hunger by doing something. For example, doing housework, gardening, or pending office work. Because, usually people will forget the time if it is late in work. By doing something, time can seem to pass quickly and you are not easily tempted by hunger and thirst.

Enough rest

During Ramadan try to sleep earlier than usual. Adequate sleep makes the body have a lot of energy for activities and prevents mood swings that can affect the desire to eat. For optimal results, you can adjust your sleep pattern so you can rest and wake up at the same time every day while fasting.

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