Fadil Jaidi Visits Jonathan Christie’s Training Headquarters, Netizens Auto Laugh

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ACCURATE.CO Youtuber Fadil Jaidi suddenly came to the training ground for the men’s singles badminton athlete, Jonatan Christie, at the All-Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI).

The moment was immortalized through @fadiljadi’s personal Instagram story on Wednesday (20/04/2022) which was later reposted by Twitter @zonabulutangkis.

At that moment, Fadil Jaidi was seen approaching Jonathan Christie who was standing on the field. Fadil Jaidi then gave his instructions, while Jonathan Christie listened seriously.

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“Bro, I saw earlier, you played okay. But what is less, less (confused, while demonstrating the racket movement),” said Fadil Jaidi.

Jonathan Christie, who did not understand, immediately asked, “how was it?”

Fadil Jaidi immediately demonstrated as if hitting a shuttlecock which was then followed by Jonatan Christie with his laughter.

“Okay, that’s the next one,” ordered Fadil Jaidi again, to which Jonatan Christie answered “Ready” in front of him.

Upload a video of Fadil Jaidi and Jonatan Christie in order to attend

The “Glowing 2022 Badminton Tournament” at PBSI on Wednesday (20/04/22), immediately flooded netizens’ comments.


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