Funny Moment A Wife Loves N’Golo Kante More Than Her Husband

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“Even though it’s just fan writing on paper, it can actually capture the heart’s content.”

1NEWS – Chelsea must recognize Arsenal’s superiority. London is red. In the Premier League continued, on Thursday (21/4) early morning WIB, playing at Stamford Bridge, the Blues fell 2-4.

This result also continues the poor record of Thomas Tuchel’s team, where they have suffered consecutive defeats at home in the last three matches across competitions. Previously, Thomas Tuchel’s team lost to Real Madrid (1-3) in the first leg of the Champions League and also to Brentford (1-4).

However, this third defeat had its own unique story that slipped. In a photo uploaded by the Twitter account @433, it shows a Chelsea fan carrying a hilarious poster.

The photo shows a woman and a man who are thought to be a husband and wife. And the funny thing is, the woman is actually holding a poster with a unique sentence.

The poster reads “I Love My Husband”, but the word husband is crossed out and replaced with the word N’Golo Kante. The smiling, friendly Chelsea midfielder does have his own fan base, and if Kante had seen the woman’s poster he would have smiled widely.

Apart from that, in the match against Arsenal, N’Golo Kante appeared the full 90 minutes. The stats are pretty good, especially when it comes to defense. Noted, the 31-year-old midfielder recorded one clearance, four interceptions, and also four successful tackles.

In a land duel, Kante has won four out of five occasions. Sofascore also got it with a fairly high rating, which is 7.1. This value makes Kante the third highest-rated player among other Chelsea players who in that match performed on average below the standard.

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