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1NEWSFake friends or fake friends are very unhealthy in a friendship, and can lead to bad habits. If you have detected fake friends around you, you should keep your distance and don’t get too far away. So how to detect it? Launch page healthyQhere are the signs of fake friends around you.


The main feature of fake friends is that they will only contact when they need help. They will very rarely contact you to simply ask how you are or feel homesick. It’s also possible that this kind of friend is so busy with himself that it doesn’t cross their minds to think of anyone else.

Busy with gossip

Understand that a friend who is busy with gossip and drama is a toxic person. Maybe at some point they invite you to gossip, or maybe you are the topic of their gossip when they talk to other people again.

Not being yourself

The figure of a fake friend is not like himself. There is a mask that hides his true identity. It’s not just them, it can spread to you too. For example, you can’t be yourself and you have to be different when you interact with them. From wearing certain clothes to the way you speak, these are signs that you are in a fake circle of friends.

Feel depressed

Not being able to be yourself will tire you out and eventually feel depressed. Why be in such a tiring friendship? Very likely, you become carried away not daring to say no, turn into a figure of people pleaser, to feel stressed.

Easy to lie

Lying is a common thing for fake friends. They will brag about great things for others to appreciate. Therefore, immediately stay away from the person who justifies all means – including lying – in his life.

Can not be trusted

In addition to being accustomed to lying, the figure of a fake friend also cannot be trusted to hold a secret. They do not hesitate to divulge secrets to other people so that they become widespread.

Likes to insult

The figure of a fake friend will show his bad attitude openly. If ideally friends are there to support and motivate each other, they do the opposite. They will not hesitate to insult or provide criticism regarding anything. Starting from weight, how to dress, and other life choices.

Easy to envy

The figure of a fake friend is very easy to feel jealous of what you have achieved. They can say hurtful or offensive sentences.

Tired of interacting with them

Another sign you’re in an unhealthy circle of friends is feeling tired every time you interact with them. Not only can he not be himself, but also tired of all the attitudes he does.

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