Happy Kartini’s Day. Check out these 5 female characters on Disney+ Hotstar

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Kartini's day

Kartini Day, which is celebrated every April 21, is synonymous with inspiring stories from women. On this Kartini day, Disney+ Hotstar has prepared various interesting stories from female characters that can inspire your day. Starting from the journey to find identity, chase dreams, to bring love in the family, check out the exciting and inspiring stories of these 5 female characters on Disney+ Hotstar!

Yuni (Yuni)

Yuni’s character is told as a teenage girl who has a great desire to go to college, but is shackled by the dogma of the surrounding community which requires her to get married immediately. He who has rejected proposals from two men has also received a negative stigma from those around him who believe that a woman who rejects proposals three times will never get married.

Yuni remains brave to hold on to her convictions and keeps trying to achieve her dreams. The movie “Yuni” will premiere exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar starting April 21.

Mirabel (Encanto)

The figure of Mirabel in the film “Encanto” is told as the only member of the Madrigal family who does not have magical powers. During his life, he had to accept different treatment from people around him, even from his own family just because he was different. Yet, Mirabel remains who she is, daring to speak her mind, and even when her family is in danger, she becomes the one who saves her family.

Kartini's day

Dance (Wedding Agreement The Series)

The character of Tari in “Wedding Agreement The Series” is told as a young woman who is successful as an entrepreneur with a personality that holds fast to faith, is patient, and full of love. Although her life looks happy, she is actually facing a difficult situation in her marriage, where her husband only sees their relationship as a contract agreement. But Tari never let the problem change her, she still believes that goodness can overcome all odds.

Cruella (Cruella)

Figure Cruella is an anti-hero character, where she is a smart, creative woman, and has great talent as a fashion designer. Although driven by revengeful intentions related to his past, however, these intentions make him excel in the fashion world that he loves so much. Cruella shows that the right motivation can make us bring out the best in ourselves. Cruella also shows that the best way to get revenge is not by committing a crime, but through work and displaying one’s abilities.

Ming Lee (Turning Red)

Ming Lee is Meilin Lee’s mother in Disney and Pixar’s latest film “Turning Red”. Ming Lee’s story shows the challenges that many parents face when taking care of their children, especially teenagers. Behind all his decisive actions, Ming Lee shows the great sacrifice and love of a mother for her child.

So Happy Kartini’s Day. Watch movies and other interesting stories only on Disney+ Hotstar.

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