Kartini Day, Bhayangkari Tabanan Police Visit Nursing Home – 1NEWS

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Beritabali/ist/Kartini Day, Bhayangkari Tabanan Police Visits Nursing Homes.

The union of wives of members of the police (Bhayangkari) of the Tabanan Resort Police visited the Tresna Werdha Shanti nursing home in Bongan Village, Tabanan District.
This nursing home is under the auspices of the Tabanan Social Service. A visit in commemoration of Kartini Day and a love-sharing program.

Not only distributing assistance in the form of basic necessities, the wives and members of the Policewomen at the Tabanan Police also cooked at the orphanage and ate together.

The head of the Bhayangkari Tabanan Police, Ria Ranefli, DC, said that his party was commemorating Kartini Day marked by social activities.

“This is a form of women’s emancipation. We can also do something for other people,” he said.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the Tabanan Social Service, Ni Made Murjani, said that his party was grateful that there were parties who cared about the existence of the elderly. Not only the elderly, this nursing home also cares for People With Mental Disorders (ODGJ).

“The elderly are four people. There are 15 ODGJ people, four are still undergoing treatment at Bangli Hospital,” he said.

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