Lucinta Luna claims to have been a savings, the fee is hundreds of millions!

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1NEWS – Lucinta Luna claimed to have been a man’s mistress before becoming a celebrity.

This recognition was conveyed by Lucinta Luna when she was a guest star on the AH Podcast on YouTube, April 18, 2022.

Even more surprising, Lucinta Luna claimed to get a fantastic payment for being a savings.

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“The era when I met (with foreign men, ed), yes, I sometimes bagged from KL (Kuala Lumpur) I brought 300 (million),” said Lucinta Luna.

It didn’t stop there, Luna told that she had been a mistress of men in various countries, one of which was in Singapore.

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“I was in Singapore in 2014, it was the same as a Kuwaiti sugar daddy,” he said.

During her time as a mistress in Singapore, Lucinta wore closed clothes as her partner wanted.

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“It’s wearing a robe, that’s long,” explained Lucinta Luna.


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