Miscellaneous It Feels Like Having a Resek Neighbor. There are people who don’t like us to live in peace!

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It is a natural thing that we live in this world as social beings and cannot be separated from other people. Especially for Indonesians, whose culture of gotong royong is still very strong in all walks of life. However, sometimes the ordeal of being a social being is just what it is. Especially when you talk about matters with your neighbors, it might make your blood boil.

Don’t be surprised, neighborly life can never run smoothly as we imagine. There’s just something that makes us have high blood pressure, whether it’s a serious matter or a trivial one. Indeed, that is the ballad of living with neighbors as Indonesian people. You too must have experienced things like the netizens below~

1. Even though it was only a matter of sandals, the cepu asked for forgiveness. That’s it, plot twistit turned out to be a girl’s sandal too!

Because of sandals / Credit: Twitter

2. If the business involves a child like this, it’s better to be patient. It’s not like that, how do you do it all wrong?

Bocil resek / Credit: Twitter

3. This kind of thing happens very often, it seems that there are groups of people who don’t burn trash if they don’t have peace of mind

Hobby of burning trash / Credit: Twitter

4. Once or twice, it doesn’t matter, but if it happens many times, it’s called tuman. Very upset!

His behavior is so absurd / Credit: Twitter

5. If you have neighbors who are already like this, it’s better to teach them a lesson. Criminals are real people!

How come there are people like this, huh? / Credit: Twitter

6. It’s no wonder that the corona in Indonesia has never been finished and the graph is increasing, people are just like this!

Hard to tell / Credit: Twitter

7. If this is the case, it’s not a bad name, but too productive. How can you have a hobby like that, huh? ️

Weird hobby / Credit: Twitter

8. Neighbors who often listen to music in broad daylight use a volume that can be heard by people from the same district. Emotions, emotions!

No morals / Credit: Twitter

9. People like this really like to surprise you, can’t you dry your clothes at home, what can you do?

Really annoying / Credit: Twitter

10. This is not only rude, but also outrageous. It’s proven, right, humans, if they see money, anything will be done!

Hope you get a decent reply / Credit: Twitter

11. One of the most annoying types of neighbors, if you don’t play loud music, cut ceramics, at most things like this

Many relate for sure / Credit: Twitter

Circumstances like this actually make us confused, it’s hard to be reprimanded and really annoying people, but if we don’t get rebuked we will also become more and more emotional. Especially if the level of irritation is above average, it feels like just moving house. Be patient if you have neighbors like this.

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