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The pedestrian bridge (JPO) is a public facility that aims to provide safety and comfort for pedestrians. People no longer need to cross on the highway which has the potential to endanger themselves and disrupt traffic. JPO can also be an element of beauty in urban planning.

But unfortunately, this facility is not used properly by the community. There are even irresponsible elements who pollute the JPO. One of them happened at JPO Malang City recently. The condition is very worrying. Here’s the full news.

JPO Malang City is full of human waste

Instagram account @mlg24jam uploaded a 41 second video. The video shows a lot of human waste scattered at the JPO, which is located in Merdeka Square, Malang City. The man who recorded the video lamented that the JPO had a nice building but was full of dirt.

JPO Malang City is full of human waste [sumber gambar]

He asked the relevant agencies to supervise so that the JPO is not polluted. The video was immediately seen by hundreds of people and got dozens of comments. A netizen said, many people choose to cross on the highway rather than having to pass a very dirty JPO.

Head of DLH responds to JPO’s condition

The Head of the Malang City Environment Agency, Wahyu Setianto, admitted that he did not know the people who polluted the public facilities. He also explained that this case should be under the authority of the Malang City Transportation Service. However, because it was very dirty, Wahyu immediately mobilized cleaners.

JPO cleaned by DLH Malang City [sumber gambar]

However, the Head of the Malang City Transportation Service Heru Mulyono denied this. Heru said that the JPO facility had not yet been handed over to the Department of Transportation. Heru also promised that if the JPO has become an asset of the Malang City Transportation Agency, then his party will monitor it so that something similar does not happen.

Cleanliness is a major issue for JPOs in other cities

JPO Palembang City smells of urine [sumber gambar]

Not only in Malang, other cities in Indonesia also have dirty JPOs. The JPO in the Jalan Jenderal Sudirman area, Palembang City, South Sumatra, has become a dumping ground for garbage. There are weeds that thrive on the walls of the bridge. According to some netizens, the bridge also emits a stinky and foul smell. They asked the government to dismantle the JPO which was only used as a nest of dirt.

Depok City JPO is muddy [sumber gambar]

Residents also complained about the condition of the JPO near the Depok Terminal which was slum and smelled of urine. On the steps of the bridge, the smell of urine stings the nose even though he is wearing a mask. A resident claimed to have seen someone urinate when he was going to use JPO. Not to mention that the condition of the JPO which is inundated with water makes the stairs become muddy so that users are worried that they will slip.

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Unfortunately, the JPO function is not used properly because the conditions are very dirty. The government must take quick steps to address the problem. But the community should also participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the JPO for the common good.

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