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The president of the Persija Jakarta Club, Mohamad Prapanca, emphasized that his team would still bring in some new faces for next season. However, the player will only be introduced in May 2022.

So far, Macan Kemayoran has just announced the recruitment of three new faces. The three are Firza Andika, Hanif Sjahbandi, and Hansamu Yama Pranata.

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They were introduced as new Persija players in early April 2022. Firza is the capital team’s first signing for next season, Hanif the second, and Hansamu the third.

Another new face will be introduced by Macan Kemayoran next month because they are still under contract with their old team. Therefore, Persija can not rush to introduce the prospective players.

“The rest (new faces) will be announced in May. Because these players are still under contract with the previous club, so it cannot be announced beforehand,” said Mohamad Prapanca, adapted from the club’s website.

Furthermore, Persija claimed that the new face to be brought in had been communicated with the prospective coach. That way, the recruitment of players is ensured according to the needs of the team.

“The names on the recruitment list have been coordinated with the prospective Persija coach, so that it is confirmed that they are according to the team’s needs. In addition, the new coach also gets a slot to bring in more players,” Persija said in a statement on their official website.

So far, Persija has also not announced the figure of a coach who will be in charge of the team. The tactician will replace Sudirman, whose contract has not been extended.

“Regarding the announcement of the new coach, management is still moving so that all matters can be completed immediately,” Persija wrote in a statement.

In addition to bringing in new faces, Persija have also extended the contracts of three of their players for one season. The three are Maman Abdurahman, Tony Sucipto, and Osvaldo Haay. (


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