Plastic Garbage Scattered after Mass Demo Leaves Horse Statues

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1NEWS – The masses from the Indonesian Student Alliance (AMI) and the All-Indonesian Student Executive Board (BEM SI) who held a demonstration in the Horse Statue area, Central Jakarta, Thursday (21/4/2022) have disbanded.

As a result of the demonstration, demonstration participants left trash scattered in the area of ​​the Arjuna Wijaya statue or the horse statue.

Based on 1NEWS’s monitoring at the location, the scattered garbage was dominated by plastic cups and straws along the roads and parks around the Horse Statue.

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It didn’t take long, the officers for handling public infrastructure and facilities (PPSU) immediately arrived at the demonstration site.

Officers from the Parks Service can be seen sweeping the garbage and collecting it in a large plastic bag.

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It is known that during the demonstration, many students bought drinks from traders around the location.

After drinking, they seem to just put it on the street.

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One of the Trisakti Bayu students admitted that he did not fast during the demonstration.


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