Police Appreciate Labor and Student Demonstration on April 21, Not Chaotic

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1NEWS – Central Jakarta Metro Police Deputy Chief AKBP Setyo Koes Heriyatno ensured that the demonstration carried out by elements of labor and students in front of the DPR-MPR RI Building was conducive on Thursday (21/4/2022).

Based on 1NEWS’s observation at the location, the demonstrators had finished their speeches and returned home in an orderly manner.

“For the demonstration this time it went conducive. For the masses to be cooperative and follow the rules,” said AKBP Setyo Koes Heriyatno when met by 1NEWS in front of the DPR-MPR RI Building, Thursday (21/4/2022).

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He appreciated the demonstration that did not end in chaos that had been going on since this morning.

“Basically, the presentation of opinions by fellow students and elements of the workers went well,” said Setyo.

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In today’s action, it was also seen that one of the representatives from each element of workers and students was accepted and entered the DPR-MPR RI Building.

“On this occasion, the representatives were received by Mr. Dasco as the representative of the DPR RI members. They conveyed the results of their meeting to their colleagues and returned to their respective places in an orderly manner,” he explained.

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After the crowd dispersed, traffic conditions around the DPR-MPR RI Building have also been reopened.


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