Practical Booklet Contains Writing Strategies, A Handbook for Sharpening Your Talent

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Booklet Praktis Berisi Strategi Menulis, Pegangan untuk Mengasah Bakatmu

Sometimes, passion alone is not enough to make the life force continue to glow brightly. It’s the same when we talk about writing. This activity is both fun and healing. However, fun will not save you from impasse or stagnation in writing skills. It feels like this ability is not developing, huh.

Accompanying you through various moments is Hipwee’s commitment to this moment. Even at the age of eight, Hipwee still holds this commitment with all his heart. One of them is through the birth of Squad by Hipwee. The best works are presented for you to dare to hone your talents and to have more confidence in your own abilities.

Your presence until now is the strength that makes Hipwee continue to survive and struggle. As a small gift, Hipwee has prepared booklet sweet contains practical and strategic writing tips. This collection of writings was deliberately chosen from the various works of the authors at Squad by Hipwee. In this special moment, you can read it free of charge at all.

Along with booklet In this case, Hipwee wants to continue to accompany you in learning to write and take you to higher levels of understanding. Step by step. Hopefully booklet this becomes a loyal ‘friend’ who helps you maintain the flame of enthusiasm and enthusiasm in learning to write, huh

Download Practical Booklet With Writing Strategies

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