PT OSS Employees Tilep Company Money for Gambling, Don’t Copy!

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1NEWS – An employee of PT Obsidian Stainless Steel (OSS) Awaluddin was involved in a case of embezzling company money.

In fact, Awaluddin can be called the king of theatrics because this case looks like a soap opera drama at first glance.

He robbed Rp 230 million, but reported it to the police as a victim.

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Initially, Awaluddin reported the robbery case that happened to him to the police, Thursday (14/4/2022).

He pretended to have a bad luck on Jalan Dr. Sutomo, Lalodati Village, Puuwatu District, Kendari City, while driving an office operational car.

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The Mandonga Kendari Police then conducted an investigation.

It was finally revealed that Awaluddin had given false information and had committed an embezzlement case, Monday (4/18/2022).

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In fact, he broke the windshield of a car to the point of injuring himself and speaking as if he had been robbed.

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