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1NEWS/ist/voice.com/Ramos Horta Will Return to be President of Timor Leste

In the countdown to the second round of presidential elections, Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos Horta will become the president of Timor Leste after a long lead over his rival. The second round of voting which was held on Tuesday (19/04) took place safely after in the first round last March Ramos Horta did not get a majority vote of more than 50 percent.
Of the nearly 100 percent of the votes counted on Wednesday (20/04), Ramos Horta, who was also president ten years ago, won 62.09 percent of the vote, while his rival, current president Francisco “Lu Olo” Guterres, garnered 37.91. percent of the vote.

The official results of the new presidential election will be announced next week. If a candidate does not receive the official tally results, they can still file an objection to the Supreme Court of Timor Leste within 24 hours of the official announcement.

The number of voters who came to the polls in the second stage of the presidential election was around 71.6 percent, or 6 percent lower than the first stage, from around 1.3 million people there.

Both Ramos Horta and Francisco Guterres, who have served as presidents previously in the campaign, blamed each other for the political turmoil in the country. The two also fought in the 2007 presidential election which Horta won.

In his campaign, Ramos Horta promised to reduce poverty, improve health services for women and children, and promised to build communication with the ruling party to restore political stability and prevent further deterioration of the economy. In Timor Leste’s political system, the president has the responsibility of appointing a new government and dissolving parliament.

In 2018, President Guterres refused to take the oath of nine ministerial candidates from the CNRT party, the party led by former prime minister Xanana Gusmao who backed Ramos Horta to become president at the time.

Guterres himself comes from the Fretilin party which fought against Indonesian rule in East Timor before the area that was once colonized by Portugal became independent in 2002.

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