Reino Barack Satisfied with Enjoying, Revealed One Special ‘Ritual’ Asked to Syahrini Every After Iftar: Come on… Honey

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Home life Syahrini and Reino Barack often steal the public’s attention. Three years of building a household, Syahrini and Reino Barack look so harmonious. In fact, both of them do not hesitate to spit intimacy on social media.

Recently, it was revealed a special ‘ritual’ that Reino Barack does every time he is asked after breaking his fast during Ramadan. This was revealed by Syahrini through his Instagram upload.

Syahrini recently shared a moment of breaking the fast with her husband, Reino Barack, at a luxury restaurant.

Apparently, even though he had broken his fast at a fancy restaurant, Reino Barack always asked to make takjil in the form of fruit soup, after arriving home.

This 41-year-old woman immediately complied with Reino Barack’s request.


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