Responding to the summons of investigators, Chandrika Chika chooses to remain silent after being questioned – Latest Celeb News

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Chandrika Chika complied with the invitation of the South Jakarta Metro Police investigator to be questioned as a witness related to the beatings allegedly carried out by Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino.

Chika came accompanied by a man and a woman. And after being investigated, they immediately left the South Jakarta Metro Police through the side door, tricking the media crew who were waiting at the main door.

“Thank God it went smoothly,” said Chika while walking towards her vehicle while being embraced by a man, Thursday (21/4).

Chika herself did not want to comment too much when asked about questions that had been asked by investigators. But it was the man who accompanied the celebgram who answered the question.

“20 questions,” said Roofi Ardian.

To be sure, Roofi said Chika had fulfilled his responsibility by coming to meet the investigator’s summons for questioning.

“We have completed our obligations as good citizens to provide clarification,” concluded Roofi Ardian, who also works as a lawyer.

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