Rumored to be Puput’s ‘Ngelontong’ subordinate, Chandrika Chika was sent off because of a scandal with the school principal’s son!

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1NEWS, Depok —

Chandrika Chika is in the spotlight because she is suspected of being the culprit that made Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino beat up. Recently, it was even circulated that Chika did open BO at a high price.

Chika is not a virgin anymore,” said a netizen who re-uploaded the gossip account. “Chika once slept with a masher who was born with Puput and was paid Rp. 20 million.”

Not only that, Chika was also hit by unpleasant rumors a few years ago when she was still in school. Reportedly, Chika committed indecent acts and was expelled from school. Unmitigated, Chika is rumored to be doing things out of bounds with the principal’s children in Depok.

It’s true that Chika is, and now it’s really sad that she must be mentally challenged with all her old rumors and disgrace that was exposed.,” wrote netizens.


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