Shehnaaz Gill Admits He Was Amazed by Shah Rukh Khan Fans: Why Do People Like Him?

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Shah Rukh Khan and Shehnaaz Gill (Instagram/@varindertchawla)

Shehnaaz Gill expressed his astonishment at people who liked Shah Rukh Khan.

John Endra | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Thursday, April 21, 2022 | 16:52 WIB

1NEWS – Two names of Bollywood actors Shehnaaz Gill and Shah Rukh Khan are being hotly discussed because of their meeting at an iftar event with Baba Siddique.

In breaking the fast with Baba Siddique, Shehnaaz Gill warmly welcomed Shah Rukh Khan’s arrival with a hug.

On another occasion, Shehnaaz Gill said he was surprised by the people who liked Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan and Shehnaaz Gill (Instagram/@varindertchawla)

“When I was in Punjab, I seemed to live only for myself. When I moved to Mumbai, I started to wonder ‘why do people like Shah Rukh Khan’,” he said.

At first, Shehnaaz Gill was discussing the classic Andaz Apna Apna dance with comedian Tanmay Bhat.

Not long after, Shehnaaz Gill revealed that he never liked the figure of Shah Rukh Khan.

“I wonder why I can’t feel the same as them,” he continued.

Until one day, Shehnaaz Gill watched Shah Rukh Khan’s film and changed his view of the Bollywood star.

“I watched the films, then I became a fan,” he was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

After making his name in the film world, Shehnaaz Gill can now stand on an equal footing with Shah Rukh Khan.

However, Shehnaaz Gill admits that he does not have Shah Rukh Khan’s mobile number and still calls him Mr.

“He doesn’t know Shah Rukh Khan’s number. He also still calls him ‘Master’,” said Shehnaaz Gill’s relative, Salman Khan.


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