Still Surviving, The Rain Releases 7th Album: They Say We’re Stuck Together

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1NEWS – Six years after the album Jabat Erat was released in 2016, THE RAIN, which was founded more than 20 years ago until now, still consists of Indra Prasta (vocals, guitar), Iwan Tanda (guitar, vocals), Ipul Bahri (bass, vocals) and Aang Anggoro (drums, vocals) are back with their 7th studio album entitled “They Say We Are Terjebak Together”.

The success of Jabat Erat’s album through its singles such as Trained Broken Heart, Failed to Hide, The Antidote to Tiredness and Till This Second made THE RAIN not in a hurry to release their next album. Indra, Iwan, Ipul and Aang started working on this album in stages since early 2018.

“It seems that this album THE RAIN has the longest working period. The songs are done one by one. After a song is finished, it is immediately released as a single. We did that for several years. We were constrained by the pandemic, until finally we returned to the studio and worked on five new songs at once,” said Indra.

After two decades together, the album “They Say We Are Terjebak Together” marks the beginning of a new chapter in THE RAIN’s musical journey.

“After holding a 20-year intimate gig of THE RAIN at the end of last year, the four of us talked a lot. About everything that has been passed together, about the dreams that follow. And we decided to release a new album in 2022,” said Iwan.

Like the album Jabat Erat, this album was released independently through Heavy Rain Records, a label founded by THE RAIN itself and distributed digitally by MK Records.

Continuing the tradition of the previous 6 albums, this album is also available in physical format. In limited production, pre-orders for this CD album will open from April 19, 2022, after which it will be available for purchase directly at various THE RAIN concert locations that will be coming up and will also be available for pre-order through The Rain Merch Store on Tokopedia.

Musically, THE RAIN sounds more comfortable adventuring with a variety of new colors. The 12 songs on this album have their own character. The song “Listening to Kabar” which was released as the latest single, along with the release of this album sounds like an Indonesian Pop song produced in the late 80’s that was stored in a studio closet and was never released for more than 30 years after it was recorded, until it was finally released today.

“We had imagined that many would be surprised to learn that THE RAIN appeared in this color. But that’s one of the things that has kept making work fun for more than 20 years. Go on an adventure together through new songs that the four of us worked on, without fear of losing our identity,” said Aang about the single Hearing the News.

THE RAIN still relies on the power of simple lyrics in conveying the message in each of their songs. Even though they are simple, THE RAIN’s songs have proven to be very popular because they have deep meanings and relate to the lives of many people.

“It’s like hearing a friend telling a story. The theme of the songs on this album is very diverse. The song ‘Di Pertauan’ tells the story of the ups and downs of overseas children. The song ‘Salam from your mother’ tells the story of trying to step back from a confusing friendzone. Then the songs ‘Rencana Danger’, ‘Effort Maximal’ and ‘Ujung Meeting’ are part of the Jono and Mira Tetralogy, four singles that form a series where the first part, the song ‘Hingga Detik Ini’, has been released through the previous album. The song ‘Terjebak Bersama’ summarizes THE RAIN’s journey so far,” concluded Ipul.


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