Synopsis Cracked Thai Horror Film Starring Nichkhun 2PM

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Nichkhun, Prince of Thailand finally returns in the latest horror film as a painting researcher which premieres April 20, 2022

Ade Wismoyo

Thursday, April 21, 2022 | 08:55 WIB

1NEWS – 2PM’s Nichkhun has finally returned to the big screen through his latest film project, Cracked. The K-Pop idol nicknamed Prince of Thailand has been on hiatus for a long time from the silver screen.

Nichkhun last acted in 2018, so his comeback this time was highly anticipated. Moreover, this new film genre is horror, as it is known that Thailand has never failed to bring horror through its horror films.

Synopsis Cracked itself tells the story of a young mother and painting researcher who gets terror from a painting that is about to be sold. This ex-girlfriend of SNSD’s Tiffany will act as Tim. He is a young painter, art restorer, as well as a skilled painting researcher.

Nichkhun competed acting with several other Thai artists who were also the main actors. Nichkhun’s co-star is Pat Chayanit who plays Ruja and Nina Nutthatcha as Rachel.

The film produced by CJ Mayor Entertainment had experienced a delay in the shooting process due to the pandemic. This film premiered in Thailand on February 24, 2022. Cracked itself was shown in Indonesian cinemas yesterday (20/4/2022) on the CGV network. Even through CGV’s official Instagram account, a video was shared of the 1988-born idol greeting Indonesian fans.

For those who haven’t had time to watch it, let’s see the synopsis of Cracked first. The latest Thai horror film starring 2PM’s Nichkhun.

Synopsis Cracked

Synopsis Cracked.  (Instagram/
Synopsis Cracked. (Instagram/

This film tells the story of a single mother named Ruja who lives with her daughter Rachel. Ruja needs a lot of money to pay for Rachel’s medical expenses who are terminally ill. Until he got the news that his father who was a painter died.

His father left enough inheritance for Ruja that he had to return to his home country, Thailand to take the inheritance. From the many inheritance left by his father, Ruja also received two paintings of beautiful women painted by his father.

He intends to sell the painting to pay for Rachel’s eye surgery. However, because there were cracks in the painting, Ruja contacted an art restorer and painting researcher named Tim.

As soon as Tim examined the painting, he and Ruja felt a strange aura coming from the painting. The painting of the woman exudes a mysterious aura that makes Ruja and Rachel’s house feel tense.

Curious, Tim and Ruja finally tried to find out the origins and mysteries hidden behind the painting. The two of them discover surprising facts about a painting inherited from Ruja’s father. So what secret is hidden behind the painting? Can Ruja survive the terror given by the painting?

Find the answer in the Cracked film which can be watched in CGV cinemas throughout Indonesia. In addition to the synopsis, there are some interesting facts about the Cracked movie that will make 2PM the hottest, and 2PM fans can’t wait to watch it. What are those facts? This is the list.

1. Main Cast’s Comeback and Acting Debut

Synopsis Cracked.  (Instagram/
Synopsis Cracked. (Instagram/

Cracked became Nichkhun’s comeback film after the last time he played in the film Brother of the Year (2018). Likewise with Pat Chayanit who last appeared in the film Someone from Nowhere (2017). Meanwhile, for Nina Nutthatcha, Cracked is her debut film as a child artist.

2. Four Countries Collaboration

Synopsis Cracked.  (Instagram/
Synopsis Cracked. (Instagram/

Cracked becomes even more special and promises a gripping horror story because it is produced by reliable filmmakers from four countries. Yes, Cracked is a collaborative project of four countries, namely Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. So this film has also managed to attract the interest of film lovers since it was first released in Thailand. Moreover, this film stars Nichkhun who has debuted as an idol since 2008 and has global popularity.

That was the synopsis of Cracked along with some interesting facts. How do you get more curious and want to see Nichkhun’s acting right away?

Contributor: Safitri Yulikhah


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