Synopsis LOVE STORY THE SERIES SCTV Episode 652 Today Thursday 21 April 2022

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1NEWS – Synopsis LOVE STORY THE SERIES SCTV Episode 652 Today Thursday 21 April 2022

Ken went to the office and told Wilan and Dinda about the bulldozer that was trying to flatten the construction of the pesantren. Dinda was really angry and commented annoyed at Argadana. Ken doubted it was Argadana.

Rama got a WA from Vanesa who said that she was OTW between Rama’s food orders. Rama then thought, he wanted to just open a room and break the fast with Vanesa at the hotel. Ram then prepares to leave.

Maudy waited for Arga faithfully. It’s getting late. Arga then came out. Maudy explained that Ken did not mention Arga at all. But it was the perpetrators who said that they were ordered by the Arga Group Boss.

Rama had prepared a beautiful iftar in the room, it was full of food. Vanessa is touched. Meanwhile, Wilan, Dinda break their fast with Raisa and Ken at the office. At this moment Raisa seems to be feeling sick. Then Dinda took Raisa to the doctor.

Madina Deina and Faisal are getting ready for tarawih. At this time Attar came. They are shocked. Attar told Faisal. He wants to deposit his latest memorization. Maudy and Ken went home together. Ken asked how papa. Maudy tell me. Ken told Maudy he had to investigate who the Boss Arga group ordered to arrest Wilan Faisal and the cleric.

Attar tells Madina that it’s likely that she will memorize the 30 juzz for a long time. Madina then said it couldn’t be long. Attar was shocked and asked back, “You can’t wait to marry me, right?” Madina was taken aback.

Dinda and Raisa have arrived at the house. Dinda informs Wilan that Raisa is pregnant. Wilan was happy and congratulated him. Wow, adding more of our grandchildren, Din. Dinda nodded. Dinda calls Rama.


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