Synopsis of PELANGI FOR NIRMALA SCTV Episode 25 Today Thursday 21 April 2022

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1NEWS – Synopsis RAINBOW FOR NIRMALA SCTV Episode 25 Today Thursday 21 April 2022

Nirmala suddenly opened her eyes slowly, making Anas who was by her side surprised and relieved. At the same time, Pelangi suddenly shook his body, making Ratna shocked and shocked.

Anas and Ratna rushed to call the doctor. Not long after, two doctors, accompanied by several nurses, came inside. One tackles Rainbow. And one handles Nirmala.

Ratna continues to pray and beg Allah not to take Pelangi from her side, give her more time to care for and make Pelangi happy, she feels that she has not been a good mother.

Ratna approached Nirmala, held her hand tightly and asked Nirmala to continue praying for Pelangi. Nirmala nodded and said that she would continue to pray for Pelangi’s recovery.

After waiting for a long time, the operating room door opened. Ratna immediately approached the doctor. Ratna asked about Pelangi’s condition. It was with a heavy heart that the doctor said that Pelangi had brain paralysis.

Ratna cried profusely while hugging Pelangi who was still lying on the operating table. Ratna laments Rainbow’s bad luck, since she was born Rainbow has always lived a difficult life and Ratna couldn’t make her happy.

Meanwhile, Diana is surprised to find Delia coming with her men. Delia threw the bags at Diana. Diana was shocked and immediately worried because Delia already knew everything.

Diana panicked and begged Delia to give her some time. Delia didn’t want to and decided to confiscate Diana’s house. Delia ordered her men to expel Diana and her children.


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