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Cooking oil had become a rare item. This was allegedly due to an increase in the price of vegetable oil or Crude Palm Oil (CPO). As a result, producers prefer to sell cooking oil abroad because of greater profits. The ongoing pandemic has also hampered the process and logistics of cooking oil.

But behind the various allegations of causing the scarcity of cooking oil, a surprising fact emerged when the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) named four suspects in the cooking oil fraud case. One of them is the Director General of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Trade (Director General of PLN, Ministry of Trade). Who is he? This is a figure that makes the public angry.

Indrasari Vishnu Wardhana’s actions

Indrasari suspect in the case of shortage of cooking oil [sumber gambar]

Indra only assumed the position of Director General of the Ministry of Trade on 20 December 2021. Previously, Indra served as Head of the Futures and Commodity Trading Supervisory Agency. He has also been Commissioner of Plantation Nusantara II or PTPN III. The determination of Indra as a suspect surprised many people. The chairman of the Market Traders Association, Sudaryono, is no exception. He did not expect, but his party still put forward the principle of presumption of innocence.

Have a wealth of fantastic value

Indrasari suspect in the case of shortage of cooking oil [sumber gambar]

While serving as Expert Staff for Business Climate and Inter-Agency Relations at the Ministry of Trade, Indra reported his assets to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on March 19, 2021. It is known that Indra’s total assets amounted to Rp. 4.4 billion. This amount consists of land and buildings worth Rp. 3.35 billion, which are located in Bogor and South Tangerang. Indra also owns a Honda Civic worth IDR 435 million, a Honda Scoopy motorbike for IDR 10.5 million, cash worth IDR 872 million, and other moving prices amounting to IDR 68.2 million. In the official e-LHKPN website, Indra has a debt of Rp. 248 million.

Twice called KPK

Indrasari was taken away by the Attorney General’s Office [sumber gambar]

In 2019, Indra had been summoned by the KPK. He has to face the KPK regarding the bribery case of garlic imports by I Nyoman Dhamantra. Not only once, Indra was summoned again by the KPK in connection with the bribery case of fish imports by the former President Director of Perum Perindo, Risyanto Suanda. He was called as a witness in the case.

Indrasari became a suspect along with three other people

Indrasari suspect in the case of shortage of cooking oil [sumber gambar]

Apart from Indra, PT (General Manager for General Affairs PT Musim Mas), SMA (Senior Manager Corporate Affairs for Permata Hijau Group), and MPT (Commissioner for PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia) were also named as suspects. Attorney General ST Burhanuddin said they were discussing to get export approval. In fact, the company is not entitled to an export permit, because it distributes CPO at a price that is not in line with the domestic sales price.

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The expensive and scarce cooking oil in Indonesia has been criticized by several experts. The reason is, Indonesia is the largest producer of CPO in the world but fails to supply a rational price. Even the price of cooking oil in Malaysia is much cheaper than Indonesia. Apparently there is a mafia who takes big profits behind the suffering of the people.

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