The Importance of Eating Suhoor While Fasting, Don’t Miss Beauty!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Beauty, when fasting, so that the body does not go limp, you should not leave sahur. In addition to sunnah, it turns out that sahur also has many benefits for maintaining a healthy body, you know Moms.

What are the health benefits of sahur? Come on!

1. As a source of energy

The first benefit of sahur is as a source of energy for the body. The reason is, the food we consume at dawn can be energy for us in carrying out daily activities.

So, don’t miss it! Let fasting stay strong and not weak.

2. Prevent dehydration

Sahur is also important because it can keep body fluids fulfilled. Without suhoor, you can run the risk of becoming dehydrated. Beauty is advised to drink at least 2 glasses at dawn.


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