The phenomenon of Sahur Children in South Jakarta which has become a trend for a long time

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South Jakarta children's sahur phenomenon

Term Sahur on The Road or SOTR is again a topic of discussion in the holy month of Ramadan. SOTR itself is an activity for sahur outside the home in the early hours of the morning before the time for the dawn prayer. Indeed, this activity has become a tradition of various circles of Muslims every fasting. They have their own characteristics in living Sahur on The Road. One of them is the phenomenon of the South Jakarta children’s sahur which is considered unique.

Not only to fill the stomach. Apparently this one sahur phenomenon is often used as an event ‘fashion shows’ by the children of South Jakarta, you know!

What is the phenomenon of dawn for children in South Jakarta which has become a trend? And what are the tips to stay safe running Sahur on The Road? Check out the info here Parents.

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The Phenomenon of Sahur for South Jakarta Children at a Padang Restaurant

Reported from detikHOT (19/04/22), Padang Restaurant called Pagi Sore became the place of choice for South Jakarta children for SOTR. This iconic restaurant is located in the Jeruk Purut area, South Jakarta.

Since its establishment five years ago, every Ramadan, on the Saturday-Sunday sahur weekend, the Pagi Sore restaurant is filled with South Jakarta children who order popular menus such as rendang, curry and chicken pop.

Every time for sahur on the weekends, the place is crowded with young people who choose to have breakfast together. It could be that they come from the area around South Jakarta, or not infrequently they also come from outside the province such as Tangerang and Cibubur.

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Sahur on The Road Become a Style Show

South Jakarta children's sahur phenomenon

Young people do dominate the sahur phenomenon at this restaurant. Many of them didn’t just come. But full of preparation, with stylish clothes, men and women. Unlike most people who wear pajamas, even ordinary clothes at Sahur are not only a place to eat together, but also a show of style.

Through coverage detikHOT On April 16, 2022, the person in charge of Pagi Sore restaurant operations, Ferry Nandarsyah, said that this unique trend had been going on for a long time.

“The trend has been established since the first year. The Cipete (branches) that have been established first have also been formed. Only in the past maybe Cipete has not been seen at all. Maybe because the Jeruk Purut area is more strategically located. And not engineering. It really happened. It’s extraordinary that young people today, who want to eat sahar are not wearing night clothes, just cool clothes. Maybe something is out of the cafe, you can say evening clothes. Continue to eat voraciously.”

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Tips for a Safe Sahur on The Road

South Jakarta children's sahur phenomenon

Parents maybe also planning to undergo SOTR like the South Jakarta children? Well, there are several things that need to be considered so that the SOTR that is implemented runs safely and smoothly.

First, of course, by implementing health protocols, knowing that COVID-19 is still spreading in several parts of Indonesia. Parents must follow restaurant directions, for example by keeping a distance, wearing a mask, and bringing hand-sanitizer. Parents who eats at a restaurant or cafe, don’t forget to provide the Cares Protect application for barcode scanning before and after breakfast.

Second, you must guard yourself from the various evils that lurk. Do not forget to keep your speech and behavior so as not to disturb the comfort of others in public places. Avoid engaging in vandalism activities that could compromise safety.

Third, in order to protect yourself, Parents must also avoid crime-prone areas and deserted people. Given that SOTR is held in the early hours of the morning, make sure parents are always aware of their surroundings. Recommended Parents undergo SOTR in groups with trusted people. With self-sufficient, Parents can undergo SOTR safely and smoothly.

That’s news about the phenomenon of dawn children in South Jakarta and tips for safe SOTR. Parents interested in living Sahur on The Road Or do you prefer sahur at home?

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