The Stirred Porridge Debate Never Ends, Now There Is Another Way To Enjoy A Portion Of Porridge. Oops! :(

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Indonesians are well known for their image as a society who likes to sort things out. You don’t have to go far to talk about politics, even something as trivial as food can be a problem. It’s not about the type of food, but how to eat it. One way of eating that from time to time always becomes a fierce debate is the issue of stirred porridge and not stirred porridge.

It sucks, right? The same! Those are just two problems with how to eat it. You know yourself, don’t you, how the Indonesian people, already understand that there are many who make a fuss, in fact there are those who light fires in the burning husks. Just imagine, do you think you get emotional if someone eats porridge like this?

1. It’s best to eat porridge in the usual way, why do you use it in a wrapper like eating a pentol like this? ️

Eating porridge is like eating a pentol / Credit: Twitter agungheryw

2. They say it’s delicious, but when you look at it, it’s a bit weird, isn’t it? Is it because not many people sell porridge by frying it? Hmmmm~

Fried porridge / Credit: 1cak

3. You know, that instant noodles are indeed one of the foods that are delicious to eat in any way, but it’s not the same as porridge either! ️

Porridge with instant noodles / Credit: 1cak

4. Very typical of Indonesian people, eat anything if it’s not with rice, it’s said to be incomplete. How about eating porridge with rice?

Porridge and rice / Credit: 1cak

5. The habit of drinking black coffee in plastic is like this, you just have to use a straw to eat porridge. I don’t understand anymore

Porridge is plasticized / Credit: Facebook Ministry of Humor Indonesia

6. If this porridge looks like it’s going to be casual kofisyop today. Let’s stay edgy and very modern, maybe?

Kofisyop-style porridge / Credit: Twitter shandya

7. I just saw it once, I think I’m full for the next few days. Can you ever think of eating porridge mixed with rice and gravy?

Very horror / credit: Twitter zaaaja666

8. Pls really, never imitate how to eat this one porridge. It is said that in the dark ages the people who ate porridge in this way were future inhabitants of hell

The more unreasonable / Credit: Twitter pennceeng

9. It’s enough to only see it once, if you’re not strong, just wave your hand. This is a portrait of porridge made into ice

Ice porridge / credit: Facebook Citizen Activities Today

10. If there are people who have a way of eating porridge with this style, it’s better to just stay away from it. It seems he has a lot of problems

Eating porridge with chopsticks / Credit: Twitter Fazrialsalsabilla

11. Even though it seems like a hassle for yourself, this one is still understandable when compared to the others

Really separated / credit: Twitter Sulistyoan

Actually, it’s not just porridge, this Indonesian seems really good at mixing all kinds of food together. Even if the food isn’t connected, it’s still one. I’m just talking about porridge, no instant noodles, no white bread, nothing else.

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