The Story of Chacha Frederica Weaning a Child, Relieved and Longing to Be One

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The Outpouring of Chacha Frederica's Heart Weaning a Child

Actress Chacha Frederica is starting to rarely appear on the small screen. In the past, Chacha Frederica was very active in showing her acting talent. His face often appears in films and soap operas in the country in the mid-2000s era. Busy taking care of the family, the story has not been out for a long time Chacha Frederica weans a child.

Chacha Frederica weaned her son in early April. He had mixed feelings when he weaned his daughter, Cassia Shakir Ganinduto.

Chacha shared her feelings in one of the posts on her personal Instagram account, @chafrederica. How did Chacha express her feelings when weaning her child? Check out the info here Parents.

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The Outpouring of Chacha Frederica’s Heart Weaning a Child

On April 8, 2022, Chacha stopped breastfeeding her daughter, Cassia. Successfully weaned Asi. Chacha said she was very grateful because she managed to carry out God’s command to breastfeed her daughter until she was 2 years old. He also admitted that he was relieved because the weaning process went smoothly.

“April 8, 2022, 6 Ramadan 1443 H is the last night I breastfeed Cassia… Cassia was born on April 25 2020, 2 Ramadan 1441 H, if you ask me how I feel that night… happy happy and relieved… can carry out Allah’s orders to breastfeed until the age of 2 years. Chacha said starting his story.

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Admit There’s Missing

The Outpouring of Chacha Frederica's Heart Weaning a Child

Although initially relieved, Chacha admitted that she missed the time she spent with Chacha while breastfeeding her. Indeed, a mother can do bonding time with their children through many activities, one of which is breastfeeding. Chacha said that her breastfeeding experience was exhausting, but beautiful.

“When weaning, do you feel sad? That night until last night there was no feeling of sadness at all.. until suddenly this morning I really missed quality and bonding time with Cassia… an extraordinary journey and struggle for us.. exhausted but beautiful journey for us…

If not for the doctor, I feel like I really want to love Cassia until April 25th tomorrow.. but I don’t want to be selfish, I feel sorry for Cassia, who has been able to sleep without breastmilk for 12 days without drama. I need to know again the pleasure of “dear” with her mother…” continued this 32-year-old mother.

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Keep Praising the Child

The Outpouring of Chacha Frederica's Heart Weaning a Child

Although feeling sad, Chacha chose not to return to breastfeeding her child. Instead, she praised her son for being able to work with her during the weaning process so that it didn’t bother Chacha and her husband.

Closing the upload, Chacha claimed to feel grateful and proud of his daughter. He also promised to always love Cassia forever.

“Cassia is so good. It doesn’t bother mommy daddy when weaning Masyaallah Tabarakallah. I miss the love of you, Lord. Thank God. Cassia is so proud of us.. when been through it together son… mommy will always love you forever.. please remember our beautiful moments ya want to love you!” he added.

That’s the experience of Chacha Frederica weaning a child. It’s so touching Parents. Are you feeling the same way?

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