This Former Idol Will Marry His Ex-Manager Soon | Kpop Chart

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One of the former Hello Venus members, Yeoreum or whose real name is Yoo Na Gyeol, is rumored to be entering the next level of life next month.

Reported through South Korean media on Thursday (21/04), Yoo Na Gyeol will marry his fiancé on 29 May.

It is known that Yoo Na Gyeol’s partner was previously the manager of Hello Venus, being their first meeting until the manager left the South Korean entertainment industry.

Yoo Na Gyeol is the second Hello Venus member who will officially get married after another former member, namely Lime aka Joo Hwa in March 2022, where Yoo Na Gyeol is known to have caught the bouquet of flowers.

After getting married, Yoo Na Gyeol plans to continue his career by promoting as an actress.

Congratulations to Yeoreum (Yoo Na Gyeol) who is getting married soon! (1NEWS)

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