This is the list of the most sought after official schools in Indonesia

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Indonesian official school

Determining where to go to college after graduating from high school / vocational school is very important. You want to be in PTN or PTS, but it turns out you can also register at official schools in Indonesia. The following is a list of official schools in Indonesia that you can choose from.

Indonesian Official School

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PKN STAN (State Finance Polytechnic STAN)

This official school is directly under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. STAN often organizes Diploma Study Programs in the State Finance Sector. This school used to be known as STAN until finally in 2015 its name was officially changed to PKN STAN.

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PKN STAN is located in Bintaro Jaya and has 4 majors, including:

  • Department of Accounting: D-III Accounting and D-IV Accounting
  • Tax Department: D-III Tax, D-III PBB/Appraiser, and Diploma I Tax
  • Department of Customs and Excise: D-III Customs and Excise, IN Customs and Excise
  • Department of Financial Management: D-III State Treasury, D-III Asset Management, and DI State Treasury

For those of you who are interested in the field of state finance, maybe PKN STAN could be your target official school, here!

Official Schools have Ties with Government Institutions

Indonesian official school

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IPDN (Institute of Domestic Administration)

This is a university under the auspices of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. The campuses are also spread across several regions in Indonesia, starting from Jakarta, West Sumatra, Sulses, North Sulawesi, NTB, Papua, West Kalimantan and Riau. There are two faculties here, among others:

Faculty of Government Politics: Government Policy Study Program and Government Political Studies Program. Faculty of Government Management: Human Resource Management Study Program, Financial Management Study Program, Development Management Study Program, Government Management Study Program, and Government Policy Study Program.

STSN (Country High School)

Indonesian official school

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It is organized by the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN) of the Republic of Indonesia and is the only coding higher education institution in Indonesia. Here there are two study programs ranging from D-IV Encryption Management and D-IV Encryption Engineering (Crypto Engineering Study Program and Password Equipment Design Engineering Study Program)

The length of the education period will be 4 years. Here you will be able to learn how to strengthen the security of data or state secret information. Wow, this is really cool!

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POLTEKIP (Penitentiary Polytechnic) POLTEKIM (Immigration Polytechnic)

It is under the auspices of Kemenkunham (Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia). Here there are three programs ranging from Correctional Engineering, Correctional Management, and Correctional Guidance. Poltekip was established because of the change in the treatment of lawbreakers to prison. Therefore, qualified human resources are needed who are trained through Poltekim.

POLTEKIM (Immigration Polytechnic)

Still the same as Poltekip, except that Poltekim is divided into three study programs, namely, Immigration Law, Immigration Administration, and Immigration Technology Management. Hey, decide which one do you want?

STIN (State Intelligence College)

For those of you who want to protect Indonesia, you should choose STIN. STIN organizes academic education in the field of intelligence and can provide professional education in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. STIN opened an undergraduate program with two majors, namely, Intelligence Agent, and Intelligence Analysis. Hmm, for the little one who has the talent to become intelligence, it’s okay Parents clet me know the detailed information.

STMKG (High School of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics)

This school is under the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG). The aim is to produce human resources who have competence and global insight in the fields of meteorology, climatology, geophysics and instrumentation of meteorology, climatology and geophysics.

There are 4 Diploma IV study programs here, including:

  • Meteorology
  • Climatology
  • Geophysics
  • Instrumentation

College of Shipping Sciences (STIP)

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation is the School of Shipping Sciences (STIP). Formerly known as the Academy of Naval Sciences. Here you will learn all about sea transportation, starting from Nautika, Teknika, and Naval and Port Management (KALK).

Indonesian Railways Polytechnic (PPI)

Still under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation. This college will produce graduates who are experts in the field of railways, whether it is maintaining, testing, inspecting, to auditing. There are four majors here, and all of them are only at the D3 level:

  • Building Technology and Railroad Tracks
  • Railway Electrical Technology
  • Rail Transport Management
  • Railway Mechanics Technology.

How about it, it turns out to be interesting, and there are many choices of official schools, right? Parents!

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