This is the reason why the faces of the models are always flat, without a smile on the catwalk

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why don't models smile

Flat, almost expressionless. That’s how often the faces of fashion models in our eyes when they walk on the stage of fashion shows. Barely smiling and tending to be cold, they gracefully walk on catwalk as if that was how their appearance was supposed to be. We, the common people, have always wondered.

Why the models catwalk it rarely smiles when on stage? To answer your curiosity, Hipwee Style this time will explore the reasons one by one from various sources. Let’s see the following review~

It’s not because the models are stingy with smiles, but it turns out that there are professional demands behind their flat faces

Credit: Yogendra Singh for Pexels

Reporting from the page, the models are trusted to show special and extraordinarily expensive clothes. Therefore, they are rarely asked to smile because the designers want the clothes displayed to stand out more than the model herself.

Ty Ogunkoya, a 26-year-old model from London who was born in Nigeria, revealed that smiling feels inappropriate when walking on the couture stage. “I have modeled for various fashion shows and never once has anyone asked me to smile. Honestly, it feels weird when I smile.” he said.

By not showing excessive facial expressions, it is hoped that people who see fashion shows can focus more on the clothes they are wearing. Let’s not sway like that lol~

the faces of the models

Credit: Yogendra Singh from Pexels

Still quoted from the page, Victoire Macon Dauxerre, a model for Celine Alexander McQueen, revealed that models must remember that it is the clothes they wear that must be seen and become the center of attention. He was even always warned never to smile on stage fashion shows. The point is, so that the audience of the fashion show can really focus on the clothes and accessories, not on the model who is grinning or smiling widely~

A tough, unwavering and confident character must be fully radiated, so that they seem arrogant by not showing a smile

flat face model why

The reason the model doesn’t smile | Credit: Teenvogue and Pinterest

To get the impression of being strong and ‘arrogant’ even inclined gloomy on their faces, it is not uncommon for these models to ‘force’ themselves to think about sad things. That way, their flat and smileless faces can be more attractive. catwalk coach giving tips to the models to lower their chin slightly and lift them up at the same time to make an impression fierce model look.

In addition to focusing on what the models are wearing, the arrogant and smileless expressions of the models are also often associated with the elegant impression of old high-class Europeans. Well, what do you think about it?


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