Vicks Launches Vicks Ginger Honey Formula for Indonesian Families

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Coughing as a natural response of the body that functions to maintain the respiratory tract, often causes discomfort if it lasts for a long time. Not infrequently, a cough that causes a dry and itchy feeling in the throat can interfere with daily activities.

As for relieving coughs, there are many things that can be done. In Indonesia, people tend to consume herbal medicines such as ginger and honey. This tendency is the reason why Vicks Indonesia launches a new product, namely the Vicks Ginger Formula Honey.

Vicks Ginger Honey Formula contains Triple Herbal Action

Vicks Ginger Honey Formula contains Triple Herbal Action | dock. Vicks

As is known, Vicks is a cough medicine brand that has been around for more than 30 years in Indonesia. This time, for the Indonesian family, Vicks presents a new herbal syrup product, Vicks Ginger Formula Honey.

Vicks Ginger Honey Formula contains Triple Herbal Action, including ginger, honey and mint. The content of the three compositions of the herbal cough syrup is believed to help relieve coughs and soothe the throat.

As stated by the Senior Medical Manager of P&G Health Indonesia, Dr. Yoska Yasahardja, ginger contains anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effects. While honey is also an herbal ingredient that can help soothe the throat.

“Empirically and supported by scientific data, ginger contains anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effects. (Meanwhile) honey is able to help soothe the throat because it produces a protective layer that relieves irritation or inflammation of the mucous membranes, “explained Dr Yoska as quoted from a written statement (19/4).

He further explained, in addition to the ginger and honey content, the mint content in the Vicks Ginger Honey Formula also acts as an analgesic or pain reliever that gives a cool and refreshing sensation.

Vicks Ginger Honey Formula is a practical, halal and certified solution when coughing attacks


Vicks Ginger Honey Formula is a practical solution when coughing attacks | dock. Vicks

As already mentioned, using herbal ingredients such as ginger and honey has become a tradition for Indonesian people to relieve coughs. Here, the Vicks Ginger Honey Formula is presented to complement the choice of people who like to consume traditional medicines.

Brand Director of P&G Health Care-Indonesia Cough & Cold Yoelitta Bongso said Vicks Formula Ginger Honey is here as a practical solution to relieve coughs with herbal ingredients, according to tagline #diVicksinAja to answer the needs of the Indonesian people.

“Vicks understands that Indonesian people are always attached to traditional heritages that are passed down from one generation to the next, if our parents used to make herbal ingredients of ginger and honey to relieve coughs, relieve coughs and warm the throat, now it’s practical to #diVicksinAja,” said Yoelitta.

In addition to being practical, Vicks Ginger Honey Formula has also been confirmed to be safe because it does not use alcohol, and has obtained a halal certificate and is registered with BPOM. Vicks Ginger Honey Formula can also be consumed by the whole family, including children over six years old.

Throughout its journey, Vicks has helped Indonesian families relieve coughs through various products, including Vicks Vaporub which relieves the five symptoms of a cold cough due to the flu, and Vicks Inhaler which helps relieve stuffy nose due to colds.

In addition to the Vicks Ginger Formula Honey, the Vicks cough syrup variant that was already present was Vicks Formula 44. This variant was presented to relieve dry coughs, sneezing and an itchy throat.

Well, for SoHip who is having a cough or sore throat, now you can immediately find practical herbal-based solutions in the Vicks Ginger Honey Formula.

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