Ways of 12 Indonesian Artists in Celebrating Kartini Day. Has Their Own Way of Interpreting “Women”

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IG Story Dian Sastro

Kartini Day, a moment of reminder so that we can interpret the role of women with a new perspective. This commemoration day invites us to have the courage to let go of outdated values ‚Äč‚Äčabout women who have been imprisoning them.

For artists, Kartini Day is also a moment that deserves to be celebrated with a positive spirit, you know. Every year, they always have their own way of welcoming him. Their uploads on social media, although they seem simple, actually contain deep meanings and messages about the role of women. Who is the artist who welcomes Kartini Day this time? Check below, yes, SoHip~

1. Likening women as water, this is Laura’s unique meaning of female figures

2. Invite anyone to fight gender injustice, Maudy Ayunda alludes to Kartini’s struggles that are still long. Must work together~

3. Different, Dian Sastro conveys the message of women’s equality in education through the promotion of the Kartini film she stars in

Dian Sastro’s hidden message | Instagram @therealdisast

4. Marshanda talks about the awareness of maintaining and respecting oneself completely. The key to being a happy girl~

5. Remember, yes, there is a “strong” word in every woman, as implied in Hannah Al Rashid’s upload

IG Story Hannah Al Rashid

Congratulations on Kartini’s Day by Hannah Al Rashid | Instagram @hannahalrashid

6. About being a woman, Yura Yunita reveals the importance of believing in one’s own ability to achieve one’s dreams

7. Prilly Latuconsina invites women to appreciate themselves for being tough and tough

8. Ayu Ting Ting finds the source of female strength in the princess, Bilqis. Thank you for being empowered~

9. Chelsea Islan’s important message on Kartini Day. Dare to dream and fight for it. Put away your fear first, bestie~

IG Story Chelsea Islan

Message of Chelsea Islan on Kartini Day | Instagram @chelseaislan

10. Jennifer Bachdim invites her children to continue fighting for women’s rights and justice. Let’s hold each other!

11. The meaning of confidence behind the wise words of RA Kartini uploaded by Ashanty. Start believing, come on, with your own abilities!

12. Dare to chase dreams and know how to get up even if you fall many times, Nikita Willy’s message to strong women all over Indonesia

IG Story Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy’s upload related to Kartini Day | Instagram @

Those are some of the artists who celebrate Kartini Day. Hopefully the spirit of this moment will continue to exist every day, yes, so that there is no such thing as inequality between men and women. Remember, everyone has the right to have the same opportunities, regardless of gender.

Happy Kartini Day, SoHip!


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