Zulkifli Hasan’s Inspirational Story Cast in Novels by Futri Zulya and Zita Anjani

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Futri Zulya and Zita Anjani released their novel entitled Rantau.  (Special)

1NEWS – Coinciding with Kartini’s day, Futri Zulya and Zita Anjani released their novel entitled “Overseas”. Futri and Zita’s first collaboration in making a novel was inspired by the figure of Zun, who is none other than their father, Zulkifli Hasan.

“Zun is based on the story of our own father. He always taught about hard work and earnest effort to achieve dreams. As the first daughter in the family, these values ​​have also forged me to grow into an independent woman who cannot give up on my dreams,” said Futri Zulya at the launch of the novel Rantau in Jakarta, Thursday (21/4).

In line with Futri, Zita Anjani revealed that the figure of her father was very instrumental in shaping her personality as a female leader. He was even taught to have the fighting power in order to realize a better dream.

Futri Zulya and Zita Anjani released their novel entitled Rantau. (Special)

“Our father always taught that men and women have equal rights and must fight for a better world. I entered the world of politics, now I am the head of the DKI DPRD, a lot of inspiration from my father figure.” Zita Anjani

The novel Rantau tells the story of Zun, who has great will and determination in his life to achieve success. Zun, who is from Kalianda, Lampung, wants to prove to those around him that he can be successful in Jakarta.

With the gold capital that was given to Zun for the capital to migrate in Jakarta, Zun’s mother let Zun go to Jakarta so that he could migrate. A mother’s prayer never fails. Zun, an overseas child, has proven that he can conquer Jakarta. So that he can become a successful businessman, minister, chairman of the MPR RI, and general chairman of political parties that are taken into account.

Inspirational stories from the figure of Zun, clearly stated in the novel Rantau. The creative process of making Rantau’s novel was not short. Futri and Zita admitted that it took them one year to work on the inspirational novel.

Futri Zulya is a housewife and entrepreneur. After graduating from the ITB School of Business and Management, he continued his postgraduate studies at Australia National University (ANU), Canberra.

Futri Zulya and Zita Anjani released their novel entitled Rantau.  (Special)

Futri Zulya and Zita Anjani released their novel entitled Rantau. (Special)

In addition to focusing on raising her two children, currently Futri manages a business network in the Woman & Children sector which oversees several business units, including Kids Republic School (Playgroup, Kindergarten & Primary), Kidz Clinic Children & Development Center, and Zglow Aesthetics Clinic spread across Indonesia. various regions in Indonesia.

Futri is also active in various seminar forums and coaching clinics about youth and entrepreneurship as well as philanthropic activities.

Meanwhile, Zita Anjani is a housewife who is also a political fighter. After graduating from University College London, he decided to enter politics and was elected a member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD. Currently, Zita is the only female leader in the leadership ranks of the DKI Jakarta provincial council.

In addition to being active in politics, Zita also mobilizes many communities in various empowerment programs, especially women’s capacity building.


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