Makes Haru, this traveling patriarch can only contemplate and hold back hunger because it’s rare for people to use his services – 1NEWS

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His legs were in pain, walking around carrying heavy equipment for 20 KM. This 65-year-old grandfather is a pot patcher. A day only get 15 thousand, and even then paid sincerely. How far must it go for someone to call him?

“Grandpa has been around from morning to night, walking a long way but no one has called grandfather. The legs were swollen, but Grandpa kept going until Grandpa’s body wasn’t strong. The thing is, if you want to buy food Grandpa has to get 2 customers

Now, not many people are looking for it even almost extinct. Even Grandpa is often paid sincerely. “If someone asks how much it costs. Grandpa just answered, sincerely it’s also okay. Just given 5 thousand, Abah has bowed down, thanks son.”

Since 1991, Tohir’s grandfather has become a soldering iron, his grandfather lives alone in a rented house, his son is married and lives with his husband. His wife has died for 3 years because of a stroke he experienced. His son’s economic situation is equally difficult, so it is grandfather who helps for the needs of his grandchildren.

Grandpa walked 20 KM around selling his soldering services to people who wanted to patch his leaky pot, if there were no customers, Grandpa could only endure hunger for days.

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