Makes You Cry, The Story of the Struggle of Orphaned Brothers, Willing to Work Anything to Eat Every Day and Can Go to School – 1NEWS

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I can’t imagine since I was young, I have to live without my parents. But these two brothers had to be patient with it.

His older brother is Herman, every day he goes to the market as a porter. Herman’s large, heavy sacks carried on his shoulders without complaining. Weight is not a problem for him, as long as he can bring money home. “The wages are 10 thousand Sis, that’s already Alhamdulillah. Sometimes when I go to the market, it turns out that I can’t find a job, so I can’t bring home money for Desti at home,” Herman said softly.

Herman said that if he wanted to save so he could redeem his diploma at school. “If I already have a diploma, I will be able to find a job with a higher pay. Poor Desti, she needs money for school, she doesn’t even have a uniform,” Herman said while wiping the tears that fell down his cheeks.

Desti, who is currently still in school, often misses lessons when studying online. Desti doesn’t have money to buy quota. He also doesn’t have a uniform for school, even though schools have started to meet face-to-face.

“I want to have a uniform for school. But the money is not enough. Brother’s wages and my wages every day are not enough, because we also need money for other needs,” said Desti while crying.

Back when his mother was still alive, he had a small shop beside the house. Now, the shop is continued by Desti, but the contents of the shop are only small because selling requires capital.

“My wages are uncertain, how many children eat snacks. Sometimes only a few people sateng at the shop. My sister and I can often only cry at night because I remember that now parents can only see them from photos.

Desti and Herman hope that one day they can be successful and achieve their goals. “I want to continue my education and become a doctor. So that I can help people who are sick and help many people. Hopefully our money will also be collected quickly so that your diploma can be redeemed, amen,” said Desti.

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