Vietnam vs Indonesia U-23 National Team Prediction at the 2022 SEA Games: Let it be slow as long as you are safe, young Garuda! | 1NEWS

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The struggle for the U-23 Indonesian National Team at the 2021 SEA Games will begin soon. The team nicknamed the Young Garuda was targeted by PSSI to win a gold medal.

The proverb “let it be slow as long as you are safe” can be used by the U-23 Indonesian National Team at the 2021 SEA Games. Because Garuda Muda has been awaited by a tough opponent at the beginning. Egy Maulana Vikri et al. will challenge Vietnam.

The U-23 Indonesian national team will clash with Vietnam in the first party of Group A of the 2021 SEA Games at Viet Tri Stadium, Phu Tho, Friday (6/5/2022) night WIB.

Vietnam is the defending champion of the SEA Games. The team, known as the Golden Star Warriors, won a gold medal in the 2019 edition. This time, the Blue Dragon Country is also the host.

After contra Vietnam, the U-23 Indonesian National Team will still face Timor Leste, the Philippines and Myanmar. The quality of the three countries is clearly still below Garuda Muda.

The coach of the U-23 Indonesian National Team, Shin Tae-yong acknowledged Vietnam’s superiority. At the last meeting in the 2019 SEA Games final, Garuda Muda also lost.

“After I became the coach of the Indonesian national team, I have faced Vietnam twice,” said Shin Tae-yong in a press conference before the match, Thursday (5/5/2022).

“From the aspect of strength and capability, Vietnam is indeed better than us. I admit their quality is above us,” explained the South Korean architect.

In a championship with lots of matches, the start doesn’t really matter. The urgency is how to reach the highest point at the end.

Vietnam will be supported by tens of thousands of fans considering its status as the host. The Indonesian U-23 national team will certainly be under pressure.

“Indeed, Vietnam is the host and organizer of the event. So, of course this condition is detrimental to us more than the opponent, “said Shin Tae-yong.

“However, this is a match. So, if we work hard and play our best, of course we can also get lucky.”

The strength of the U-23 Indonesian National Team was a little limp to fight Vietnam. Young Garuda without Asnawi Mangkualam and Elkan Baggott. As of Thursday (5/5/2022), both of them have not come to Vietnam.

The status of the host does not necessarily benefit Vietnam. The Golden Star Warriors are also under pressure as the demands to win and retain gold medals are getting higher and higher.

“First of all, I want to say that this is a tournament in Vietnam and we are the defending champions,” said Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo, quoted from Vietnamese media, Zing News.

“I know Vietnamese fans have high expectations from us. I know the players are under a bit of pressure. But they will do it,” explained Park Hang-seo.

“We will try to complete the task of defending the gold medal and bringing joy to everyone,” said the 63-year-old architect.

The U-23 Indonesian national team received praise from Park Hang-seo. Garuda Muda is said to be much stronger than the 2019 SEA Games.

At the 2019 SEA Games in Manila, Philippines, the U-23 Indonesian national team, which at that time fielded the U-22 national team, was massacred by Vietnam 0-3 in the fight for the gold medal.

The two teams faced off again at the SEA Games, this time in the 2021 edition of Group A with Vietnam as the host.

“Two more years ago, we beat the U-22 national team. However, they are now much stronger,” said Park Hang-seo, this time adapted from Vietnamese media, The Thao 247.

“The U-23 National Team underwent many changes and achieved certain achievements,” said the South Korean architect.

Forecast Lineup

Vietnam (4-4-2): Nguyen Van Toan; Luong Duy Cuong, Phan Tuan Tai, Le Van Xuan, Vu Tien Long; Nguyen Hoang Duc, Do Hung Dung, Dung Quang Nho, Nguyen Hai Long; Ho Thanh Minh, Nguyen Van Tung

Coach: Park Hang-seo

Indonesian U-23 National Team (4-3-3): Ernando Ari; Rio Fahmi, Fachruddin Aryanto, Alfeandra Dewangga, Firza Andika; Marc Klok, Syahrian Abhimanyu, Ricky Kambuaya; Egy Maulana Vikri, Witan Sulaeman, Irfan Jauhari

Coach: Shin Tae-yong


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