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Although many twins are born in this world, but there are some that make me curious. Like for example, do they really have strong telepathy? Or, do their parents often mistake their own twins?

The unique stories of the twins always attract attention, such as the 4 twins below. Ranging from twin girls marrying the same man, to two sets of twins who marry and live together.

Let’s be police together

Twin police

This twin man named Dandy and Danny Ramadhan had made netizens excited +62. The reason is, both of them not only have a handsome face, but also both work as police officers. Becoming a police officer is one of the things that many Indonesians dream of. Not only that, you know, but both of them also have beautiful lovers and so sweet. Often uploading portraits with their lovers, these handsome twins have succeeded in making singles jealous and excited.

Twin boys marry twin girls

Twins married [sumber gambar]

The twin stories that are no less unique come from Ellwindi-Ellwanda and Rina-Rani. Ellwindi and Ellwanda are twins who have gone viral because they are married to twins, Rina and Rani. The pair of twins decided to get married together to save money. Not only married together, but they also live in the same house. From the time of courtship until they were married, there was a funny incident from them, namely calling their partner’s name wrong.

Twin sisters marry one man

No less astonishing than the previous couple, this time it came from the twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque. The two of them are brothers who are so obsessed with wanting to be the most identical twins in the world. Not only clothes, hairstyles, body shapes, to activities that are exactly the same, even the partner is one!

Ben and his twin lover [sumber gambar]

This is Ben Byrne, a man who has been Anna and Lucy’s partner since 2012. Ben also proposed to the twins at an event reality show in America. There is something that makes you more surprised, namely Anna and Lucy also want to have children in the near future so they decide to have children from IVF.

The triplets are both on the TNI list, but all of them have failed once

These three identical twin men also attracted the attention of many netizens. The reason is, with very similar faces, they both signed up for the TNI. Even though they had previously failed in the selection of members of the TNI Army, they were still eager to register again.

Triplets fail to join the TNI [sumber gambar]

During this third selection, they made many people curious, including the commander. The commander also highlighted what was different about the three twins, namely the different weight and height, even though their faces were very similar. When asked about birth spacing, the middle child answered 5 minutes differently, while the youngest answered 15 minutes.

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Twin brothers are indeed unique, they can be exactly the same but some are different even though they are twins. Apparently, their life story is no less unique, like the twins above.

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