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Some time ago, there was a lot of problems with being rich at a young age because of being affiliate gambling on line and flexing. ending-its para crazy rich One by one they had to deal with the law for obtaining their wealth by committing fraud. Yes, cases of rich young people are rare, but that doesn’t mean they’re just fiction.

For example, this man named Sam Bankman. Even though he is only 30 years old, his name has entered the ranks of the richest people in Forbes magazine. So where did the wealth come from? Here’s the full review.

Sam Bankman-Fried struggled at first too

Sam Bankman is not a descendant of a conglomerate, although his family has a decent fortune, but that doesn’t mean he is rich. Before entering the list of the richest people in Forbes magazine, he had worked at the Wall Street trading firm Jane Street.

Sam Bankman [sumber gambar]

Uniquely, the work he pursues is very different from his educational background, where Sam is an MIT graduate with a physics degree. Well, only after that together with several of his colleagues, Sam founded a company called Alameda Research in 2017. The company has even become one of the largest in the world with ownership of crypto assets. From just an ordinary worker, he has changed his fate to be one of the richest people in the world.

FTX is also a treasure for Sam Bankman

For those who have often dived in the world cryptocurrency, certainly will be very familiar with FTX. This crypto derivative platform was launched by Sam in 2019 and continues to skyrocket every day. Reporting from the Liputan 6 page, FTX has received around US$ 40 million (around Rp. 576 billion) with a valuation of US$ 1.2 billion (around Rp. 17.3 trillion).

Establishing FTX [sumber gambar]

Especially in 2021, the users of this platform are increasing. In fact, by the end of 2021 it already has 5 million active users. Just imagine, every day there are certainly many crypto transactions that occur and of course also enter the income for FTX itself.

Then why does FTX keep going every day

FTX is not the only company in the crypto world, of course there are many competitors. But why did FTX get this kind of success? Investigate a calibaration, all of which comes from the many features that are very beneficial for its users. For example, Sam guarantees his platform doesn’t crash often crash when used.

No less competitive [sumber gambar]

In addition, it is the flexibility of one account where margin balances offset each other, rather than multiple margin accounts, which makes this platform very attractive. As a result, it is not uncommon for FTX to become one of the dominant platforms in the crypto world.

Even though he is rich at a young age, his wealth is donated

For information, the man who is included in the ranks of the richest people in Forbes magazine is still 30 years old. With that fantastic wealth, it doesn’t mean that everything is used for useless things. Uniquely, instead of using the money for investment or buying expensive items, Sam donated his wealth.

Like to share [sumber gambar]

In fact, later he only wants to keep 1 percent of his wealth and the rest will be donated. Despite the fact, sometimes their assets are also used for company purposes such as advertising and others. But one thing is for sure, the sense to continue to share for fellow Sam deserves thumbs up.

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It turns out, getting rich at a young age is not just a trick affiliate or flexing, but it does exist in the real world. Even to enter the ranks of the richest people in the world. Even though he has abundant wealth, Sam doesn’t forget to share it with those who really need it.