Haven’t Joined the U-23 National Team, What’s Up With Elkan Baggott?

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“Meanwhile Asnawi Mangkualam has long followed the Garuda Muda squad…”

1NEWS – There were two players who were late to join the Indonesian U-23 National Team in the 2021 Sea Games. The two players were Asnawi Mangkualam and Elkan Baggott.

As a result, these two players could not be played when the Garuda Muda squad lost 0-3 against the hosts Vietnam
Last Friday (6/5).

After that, Asnawi Mangkualam has joined and will most likely be played in the second match against Timor Leste on Tuesday (10/5) night WIB.

Meanwhile Elkan Baggott’s name still doesn’t exist. What was really blocking Elkan? Regarding this, PSSI has raised its voice. According to the Secretary General of PSSI, Yunus Nusi, said that the 19-year-old defender was still not permitted by his club, Ipswich Town.

Elkan Baggott himself recently started to get playing minutes with the Ipswich Town senior team. Currently, Ipswich Town has completed the entire agenda for the 2021/22 season.

And the good news is that the U-23 team that competed in the Professional Development League 2 U-23 where Elkan Baggott was the main pillar also just finished, where Elkan Baggott and his colleagues managed to become champions. Maybe that’s why Elkan was restrained. Not only this time, a similar case also occurred during the 2020 Sea Games.

10 Photos of Carli Lloyd, US Women’s Soccer Player who Hat-tricked in the 2015 World Cup Final

The absence of Elkan Baggott is clearly very unfortunate. According to Shin Tae-yong, the absence of Elkan Baggott caused a hole in the back line.

”We lost against Vietnam, so there’s no excuse anymore. We really deserved to lose, especially without Asnawi [Mangkualam]Elkan [Baggott] and [Pratama] Arhan. So, not 100 percent of our tactics can run smoothly. It is indeed very unfortunate,” said Shin, quoted from Youtube PSSI.

Hopefully in the near future Elkan Baggott can return to play. In the group stage there are still two matches to wait for this certainty. Against the Philippines and Myanmar.

(persistent faithadi dharma/gie)

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